Dec 15, 2019

Oh, Christmas Tree ~ Oh, Christmas Tree~~~

 The Christmas tree has been adorned for the Holiday Season...

The beautiful tree this year is covered with pearl beaded ornaments, vintage beads, burgundy glass bulbs with hand-painted reindeer, cinnamon pinecones, dried red roses and absolutely covered in dried Russian Sage and Lavender from my garden last Summer.

 This little tree is held up by an old cast iron Victorian tree stand that weighs a ton. The tree skirt is merely a vintage crocheted shawl from a thrift store draped along the step.

 This old house wears Christmas well~!

 The tree is adorned with a silver, alabaster angel my husband found at an antique store in Montana. When he saw it, he knew I would adore it and it's a cherished possession from year to year on the main tree. The main Christmas tree is located in the entryway. It smells so wonderful when the lights are on. It smells of Cinnamon and Lavender. It makes a Heavenly, distinct Christmas scent. 
The tree is gorgeous in the day and at night...

Christmas is coming and the entryway Christmas tree is finally ready...


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